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In Canada, community groups can sponsor refugees to come to Canada and become members of our society. We believe in self-reliance and empowerment. The sponsor is responsible economically for at least the first year that the refugee is in Canada, and because of government cuts, that can now include medical and dental care. As you can imagine, it isn’t cheap. Right now, Capital Rainbow Refuge is seeking to raise about $10,000. Your donations support basic necessities, giving our newcomer a basic stipend that goes to rent, food, and transportation costs. Help us make a difference and change the life of someone so that they may live and love freely, and follow their dreams.

You can make a donation to Capital Rainbow Refuge and receive a Charitable Tax Receipt through the Ottawa Community Foundation. Go to Capital Rainbow Refuge Fund at the Ottawa Community Foundation and make your donation now.

Instructions to Donate:

To donate, you will need to fill in some personal information (name, address, phone and email).
There are two ways to donate:  through a “One Time” donation or a “Monthly” donation. You can enter the donation amount into the free-writing box. Next, you will be asked to indicate the “Nature of your Gift.” You have three options: “endowed”, “flow-through”, or “split between endowed and flow-through”. The nature of the donation is important.

  • An “Endowed” donation means that the donation becomes capital, and we will only receive funds on the interest earned.
  •  A “Flow-through” means the entire donation will be available for refugee sponsorships.  

You will next have the option to donate anonymously.
Finally, you will process your payment information and “Submit” your donation.

All donations support Capital Rainbow Refuge’s refugee sponsorships. Your financial support will have a positive impact on the lives of LGBT refugees!

Lisa Hébert, Coordinator


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