25/2/2016 is my new birthday. It is the day I was reborn; the day I started a new life without constant fear and stress. It is the day I arrived in Canada. I used to live in a state of relentless stress that someone might kill me because I am gay, or that my family would find out about me.

My life turned around about one year earlier when Capital Rainbow Refuge told me that they decided to sponsor me, and would help me escape from the terror of my life in my country.

Now life is so different for me. I am safe and comfortable in my new life. I can tell anyone that I am gay without being afraid. I am so proud that I can be myself, and everyone here accepts me.

Everything that I have achieved now is because CRR has been supporting me, and helping me settle here. Every day I feel myself becoming a stronger person who is part of the Canadian community.

Many thanks to CRR and the Canadian government for their efforts to help people like me to live like we are actually human.

Lisa Hébert, Coordinator


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