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Can you imagine how it would be if a lesbian couple in love had been detected by their Arabic families? The families who represented their fundamentalist society. A couple who had been treated as molesters would be denied, and then vanished by the most horrible methods humanity has ever known. In the midst of despair, fear and escape, there were people who showed us light at the end of the tunnel, people from Capital Rainbow Refuge and Rainbow Haven, our real family who proved that goodness and humanity still exist. A family who helped us to get out of the swamp and start from zero to establish a new safe life with dignity. They helped us to have the chance of travelling to our new home Canada together, hand by hand, and to have the chance to get married with each other as we have always dreamed.

They opened their hearts to us before their houses. They let us in their lives, introduced us to their families, kids and their friends via distance communications before we physically met with them, trying to help us coexisting with the new life we are about to live and the new society which we truly belong. These people are treating us as human beings. We are very grateful for your existence in our lives.

Lisa Hébert, Coordinator


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