Graduation from high-school!

My graduation- Drum roll...An almost impossible dream of 20+ years was finally realized and a milestone achieved! I still remember that morning as I walked into the auditorium with the soon-to-be grads, my heart pounding and limbs shaking. I saw Lisa, Nicole and my partner stand along the aisle, cheering me on with smiles galore. Lisa played the perfect paparazzi- clicking photos of me from every angle, thus making me feel like a total celebrity!

In a nutshell, without the incredible love and support of my very amazing CRR family…none of this would have been possible!
On that very special note, I am humbled to announce that I dedicate my very first achievement—my high-school diploma—to the iconic Nicole LaViolette, one of the most instrumental figures in my life.

Lisa Hébert, Coordinator


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