My Story

Never had I felt more lost and vulnerable as I did through the grueling asylum process in Thailand. It was as if every living cell in my body was being stripped of its most basic human rights. It is inconceivable, at the very least, to walk into the shoes of a person whose rights have been callously taken away from them: the right to a healthy and safe life, life without fear; fear of being separated from the loved ones.

Imagine going to bed at night with a constant, lurking fear, that any moment through the moonlight, your apartment could be raided by the immigration authority. And like many others who bore the wrath of the authority and been brutally tossed into vans, their spirits crushed into millions of pieces, it could now be my turn to embark on a dark journey to the detention center. The detention center or should I say, the proverbial hell on earth, for those who have either consciously/unconsciously committed the “cardinal” sin of overstaying in a country which blatantly rejects the rights of asylum seekers or refugees.

Under those circumstances, I looked for every possible way to protect myself. I sought comfort in prayers - my only source of sanity. When I prayed, I was reassured of a divine intervention. I believed that I was protected by the angels but the divine intervention happened for real when I learned that a group of private sponsors expressed an interest in sponsoring my partner and me to Canada. Sooner than I had expected, a miracle had been handed down to us from the Heavens. The angels I had been waiting for were none other than Capital Rainbow Refuge, who not only came to our rescue but took us under their wings! Our arrival in the beautiful city of Ottawa two years ago marked the humble beginning of our new life in Canada.

Lisa Hébert, Coordinator


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