Sponsorship Support

Refugee sponsorship is a challenging and rewarding experience. Capital Rainbow Refuge is proud to share this journey through the mentorship of several other LGBTQ sponsor groups. 

Our primary goal as a sponsorship group is to provide LGBTQ refugees a safe home in Canada where they can start rebuilding their lives without fear of harm or discrimination. LGBTQ refugees come from countries where being LGBTQ is a prison or death sentence, where their families may kill them to restore “honour”, and further many newcomers may worry that members of their ethnic communities in Canada will discriminate or assault them because they may harbor similar homophobic attitudes that prevail in their countries of nationality. For these reasons, Capital Rainbow Refuge has developed very strict confidentiality policies. Groups that share the values of our ethics and confidentiality policies could become partners in the sponsorship process. Capital Rainbow Refuge is also committed to at sponsorship model that at its foundation is about empowerment.  It can be a delicate balance to give advice and explain our society, but to grant self-determination, we first need to let the newcomers make their own decisions about their future. We share a vision with other sponsorship groups to support them by sharing the knowledge and sensitivity to manage the challenges of sponsorship, power imbalance between you and refugees, and sensitivity to cultural differences.

Mentorship of LGBTQ+ Refugees

Capital Rainbow Refuge is pleased to assist other sponsorship group in several capacities, including:

  • 4 workshops on Sponsorship in the LGBTQ context
  • Identifying potential LGBTQ cases for sponsorship, and providing legal advice as to the potential success of their applications
  • Explaining your rights and responsibilities as a sponsorship group
  • Interviewing LGBTQ refugee applicants and preparing the private sponsorship application
  • Assistance in drafting your sponsorship group’s Settlement Plan & budgeting
  • Helping you access any additional funding such as a Refugee Assistance Program, and potential matching with a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) to assist the speed of your application. We can also potentially partner with you through our capacity as a Sponsorship Group affiliated with the Unitarian SAH.
  • Providing ongoing guidance in the resettlement phase of sponsorship
  • Providing materials and contacts for further advice
  • Access to Capital Rainbow Refuge’s charitable account so your sponsorship group can issue tax receipts for donations

Groups that we mentor are independent, and raise their own funds. We can tailor support to a group's individual situation.

Our shared and final goal is successful resettlement, and full independence. LGBTQ newcomers deserve a life of freedom and safety like we enjoy in Canada. For groups interested in further information, contact us.

Lisa Hébert, Coordinator


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