W & K

We are a gay couple from the Middle East, and we have been sponsored by CRR. Being sponsored by CRR for both of us is like being sponsored by our family. The support they have provided, from the beginning and before we even got the ok of the embassy, was particularly important for us both psychologically and morally. As to when we got the ok from the government and they were sure we were arriving, their support was even bigger. We honestly feel like our family is waiting for us in Canada. We know exactly what is waiting for us, where we will be going, who will be doing what for us and with us.... We know everything we need to know even before we get to Canada. However, and more importantly, we feel that although we may not know Canada, we have so much support from CRR, that we have absolutely nothing to worry about. For people like us who have lost everything, it is this moral support and being treated like we count, as part of CRR's family, that is allowing us to continue to believe in a better and brighter future.

Lisa Hébert, Coordinator


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